My Farfar

I just want to talk about my grandpa a little bit. I call him Farfar, meaning grandfather (father’s father) in Norwegian. He passed away this last year – 2016. He was quite a man. A godly man. I think if you asked everyone who knew him what he was like the resounding theme would be that he was kind. And he wasn’t just your average, yeah, he’s a kind person sort of kind. He was really, really kind. The “he had more kindness in his little finger than most people posses in a lifetime” kind.

He was quiet and didn’t mind spending days/weeks at home but he was also up for an adventure whenever the opportunity presented itself!


He loved to be outside and to work hard. I stayed with him for 6 months in 2011-2012. He was always outside chopping wood! Who chops wood in their 90’s? My Farfar that’s who!

He told me many stories from his early years. So many stories from World War II of how God did miracles and took care of him even before he got saved. God surely had a purpose for his life and my farfar took hold of that and he ran with it! He was not afraid. He was not afraid of the germans, he was not afraid of what his neighbors thought of him, he was not afraid of church leaders who disagreed with the move of the Holy Spirit in his life. He just feared God.

He ministered to many many people over the years. I wasn’t there for all those Spirit filled home meetings, but i was there to see how he prayed. I have never known anyone else to pray as much as he did. He abided in prayer.

What a man he was….  And I love him.

I’ll walk the path he walked and at the journey’s end he will be there to welcome me home.


©2017 Lindsy Vestnes


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