Little Sister – A Poem Post


A little sister is a remarkable person.. a little like her older sister(s) but entirely her own self.

My little sister is her own unique self. Because of a little age gap we didn’t really grow-up playing together. Our friendship wasn’t very developed until we did something a lot of siblings never do. We took a trip together, with a cousin along as well – an international adventure traversing several countries. We survived and now she is my very good friend. We have a lot of differences, she and I, but that is something that I love. She is her own unique self. On that trip I found out that she could step up to the plate and do things that I couldn’t. She is brave and full of adventure. She is funny. She is quiet. She is a goofball. She is mature. She is forgiving. She is understanding. She is confident in living her life in the way that she chooses. She doesn’t change who she is because others don’t understand her. She is herself. And I am glad she is my little sister.


Little sister, lover of earth-

brown and golden, you see the worth.

Trees excite you, oceans delight you.

Nothing can fright you from exploring life’s bends.

You share wisdom and laughter.

Goodness and mercy always following after

your adventurous footsteps traversing the earth.

©Lindsy Vestnes 2017




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