The Transgender Debate

  I’ve been thinking about the Transgender debates going on in social media lately. There are so many people who profess themselves as christians and yet they do not adhere to a biblical world view on issues such as gender orientation. In fact they go so far as to proclaim those christians who stand for the truth that God created a male as a male and a female as a female as being unchristian because they are “judging” and “unloving”. 

  I have seen more misuse of scriptures like Matthew 7:1  “Judge not, that ye be not judged”  this week than I have for a while.

Most of these people accusing others of “hate, being nasty, judging, being unloving etc.” are the ones who are actually being rude. And a lot of the time their posts don’t even make sense or correspond very well to the post they are commenting on. Touched a nerve maybe?

I’m just going to go through and list some truths about the issues I’m seeing.

  1. God created man male and female.
  2. God is perfect. He never makes mistakes.
  3. God is love.

God created humankind with two genders. Male and female. God does not ever make a mistake by creating a male soul in a female body or vise versa.

Sometimes people are born with birth defects, missing limbs, missing genitalia, hormone imbalance and a very long list of other difficulties. None of these people are mistakes. Also, none of these people are “transgender”. A person born without obvious signs of gender still does have a gender, even though it may not be bodily apparent. God is sovereign and He has a plan for each persons life. Some people have many more hardships than others. That does not mean that God is not loving. God loves all people. Christians should love all people.

Here is the deception. The un-truth. “A transgender person was born that way. They didn’t choose to be transgender. Who would CHOOSE such a hard thing?”

The people believing this deception are forgetting a VERY important biblical truth. That is that Satan is real. He is the enemy of God and thus he is the enemy of humankind. Humans are created in God’s image. Satan wants to destroy that image. Satan is a liar, deceiver, perverter and he ultimately wants to destroy people.

Any man struggling with his gender identity is under attack from Satan. Any woman struggling with her gender identity is under attack from Satan.

Satan attacks people in many ways. Very often these attacks are attacks on the mind. Satan will attack a persons self worth, their value, their identity. He wants to pervert and destroy in any way he can.

People who identify themselves as transgender are making a choice. They are choosing to believe Satan’s lies. That is why it is so important for christians to understand what the bible teaches on this subject. Christians need to be proclaiming the truth about how very valuable and precious each life is and how Satan is trying to pervert those lives. Lies are to be combated with truth.

It is not love to accept Satan’s lies in a persons life and call it normal. That is unloving. How we minister to people and when we address specific issues in an individuals life is another matter. But so is how we address public issues and social norms. It is not loving to the widespread population that identify themselves as transgender to ignore the subject or to accept politically correct transgender policies as normal.

What is love?  To proclaim the truth for all to hear so that struggling people hear voices of hope and deliverance rising above the lies assaulting their identities.


©2016 Lindsy Vestnes


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